ODNS teaches an integrated approach to Trigger point needling and pathology, providing the student with a thorough understanding of the MTrP and how it is affected by Dry Needling.

In support of the new CEU system, we have condensed our old 5 modular sytem into 3 modules each lasting a full weekend.

ODNS cours es are all strongly practical in nature with good participant – facilitator ratios and are supported by a comprehensive manual.

We design courses to suit international conditions.

Our course is the premiere HPCSA Accredited dry needling course for physiotherapists (since 2005). More physiotherapists in Africa and the Middle East have trained with us than with any other dry needling educator.

We conduct high quality, evidence based courses with experienced physiotherapists as lecturers with 16 CEUs per module.

Workshop hands onSelf study component: Participants are encouraged to write up a series of abbreviated case reports for review by the clinical assistants. This encourages reflective practice and is offered free of charge to exisiting course participants.

Anatomy: Accurate anatomical knowledge is the cornerstone of any physical therapy treatment. We support this by offering a one day Anatomy module hosted by Anatomists and our lecturers at local Medical Schools. These modules are assessed independently of the practical needling modules.

Completion of the full course will place you in a position to write the Level 2 proficiency exam conducted under the auspices of the Dry Needling Physiotherapy Group of the SASP.