Advanced Certification in Dry Needling

ODNS Certification for Advanced competency in Dry needling emphasizes the clinical application of dry needling as it applies to the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Within one year of the ODNS level 2 corse, you must complete your certification process.

Objectives of the certification

ODNS certification in Dry Needling aims to encourage further study and practical application of techniques. The components of the certification are as follows:

Certification prerequisites and Time line

  • You must have completed an ODNS Dry Needling level 1 & 2 course and have completed the ODNS Level 1 online course if your Level one training was outside of ODNS
  • Certification candidates must submit five case studies for review.
    • The case studies will be reviewed by advanced dry needling assistant faculty
    • The reviewer will provide the candidate with a written critique of each case
    • Acceptable case studies include documentation of the ability to apply dry needling with the right choice of patient, position needle gauge and length, hand position and technique: to document response overall patient outcome and incorporate into their overall rehabilitation plan and other treatment techniques
    • Special attention is given to safety, efficacy and clinical reasoning.
  • When the case histories have been reviewed, you will be notified of the results. If your case histories clearly demonstrate your competency you will be invited to sit the online examination
  • The certification examination consists of 50 multiple choice questions designed to asses the ability to apply your knowledge of safety, clinical reasoning and advanced anatomy to the practice of dry needling. The during of the exam is 90 minutes, and it is open book.
  • You must score 70% or better to receive certification.

On successful completion of the above, the practitioner earns the ODNS Certification for Advanced competency in Dry Needling.

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