Level 2 Dry Needling

Level 2 Online Course:

  • Pre-course reading with a quiz
  • Lectures by ODNS staff consisting of the following topics:
  • Tensegrity and it’s significance to dry needling
  • Applications of EStim with dry needling
  • Adverse events
  • Nutritional considerations
  • TMJ Dysfunction

The online course includes exam questions for each lecture.  This online portion must be completed before the practical course, and will fulfill written examination requirements for dry needling courses.

level 2 Practical Course:

As an experienced dry needling practitioner, this advanced course is a must to complete the use of dry needling with patients presenting with headaches, TMJ dysfunction, tennis and golfers elbow, carpal tunnel, CRPS, plantar fasciitis, tibial compartment syndrome, sprained ankle, hallux valgus, thoracic and abdominal pain.

The goal of this advanced dry needling course is to gain expertise in needling the more delicate and higher risk areas in the body, including the face and anterior neck, forearm and hand, lower leg and foot, thorax and abdominal wall.  It is a competency-based course, which will introduce more of the recent research, teach the use of estim with needles.

This course ends with a practical competency exam.

Who can attend:

ODNS Level I dry needling course is a pre-requisite for Level II.

What is included:

All the equipment that you will need for the course is included.  When you arrive, you will be issued with a complete needling kit, which will include all the needles that you will use for the course and more.  Gloves, sharps containers, and a station set up for needling will be ready for you.

You will receive a detailed manual for the course, and full catering may be included depending on venu.